What My Customers Say

‘It struck exactly the right note for him and I was so pleased’ ‘I do hope we might meet again’.

Sylvia B

Thank you so much for the most wonderful service. You absolutely did her justice and tonally, it was perfect. Just wonderful. Thank you.

Claire P

Hi Heather, just to thank you for the lovely service you gave for mum yesterday. It was perfect! So many of our friends and family commented. You’re a lovely lady and it gave me great comfort. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough.xxx

Jane C

I cannot thank you enough for yesterday. Your words were so comforting and just hit exactly how I’ve been feeling.

Natalie K

Hi Heather. My brother and I would like to thank you so much for the lovely service you did for my mum Alma Balnionis on 21st Feb. it was lovely and you just got our mum just right. Afterwards everyone came up to us and said what a lovely service it was.

Julia and Ricky

The service was perfect, everyone has commented on how lovely it was.


Thank you for today mum had a very special send off with everything that you put together. You have a difficult job but you bring so much pleasure into an upsetting situation.

Derek W

Thank you so much for looking after Audrey for us. We are back home now having a glass of wine in the sunshine and remembering our time with Audrey. So thank you again.

Ian and Linda

Dear Heather. Thank you for a wonderful service. Everyone remarked how clear and sincere it was. Not forgetting a little humour. Thank you again for a very nice piece of work.

Les H

Morning Heather, I just wanted to pass on mine and the family’s thanks to you again. The service you did was so wonderful and gave us such comfort and joy. You really do have a gift. Bless you.

Lindsay F

Hi Heather, we would all like to say thank you for looking after our dad and all of us. Everyone is saying that it was the best service they had ever been to. You did an amazing job.

The Jarvis family

Thank you, Heather, for all your help and the service for Paul. You did him and our whole family so proud. It feels like you have been in our life for a lifetime.

With all my love Catherine

Just to let you know, nice job. This really is your calling.

From a very grumpy Funeral Director

Hi Heather, thank you for such a wonderful service for my mum. You made it so perfect and emotional as my mum would have wanted. Thank you again.


Hi Heather, I don’t know where to start. The service was lovely, brilliant in its’ execution, delivered with dignity and humour, I can’t thank you enough. We were lucky to have you help us through a difficult time. You were perfect, thanks again, Heather. Please stay in touch you are one fine lady.

Al G

I just wanted to say a heartfelt ‘thank you’ on behalf of myself, my sister, Nora, and Simon and Steven, for your sensitive and kind delivery of the service. You managed to fit everything in without rushing and you were very respectful towards Fred’s memory. A lot of people commented on how nice the ceremony was. Bless you and thanks again.


Just want to say thank you for today.  So many people have said what a special and lovely service and that’s down to you so thank you very much.

Ian H

It struck exactly the right note for him and I was so pleased.  I do hope we might meet again.

Sylvia B

All remarked how lovely your words came through with that calming voice you have got, and at times you even made me SMILE. I could not have wished for anybody better.  Keep up that good work you do at very sad moments. I will always remember you.

Christine H

All the family and friends said how good you were.

Peter B

After your visit we all breathed a sigh of relief and felt we were in safe hands.

Gayle C

A heartfelt thank you for your kindness, support and the wonderful service you conducted on our behalf.  Lots of people commented on how lovely they thought the service was.  Thank you for helping us through a very hard day and putting together a service which we know dad would have been very proud of.

Samantha B

Mum would have been very pleased.  Thanks again.

Rebecca D

I have had numerous complimentary comments from those who were there including how lovely the service was, how the humour was very apt and made them smile.  Some said they learned lots about dad that they didn’t know and virtually all commented on how nicely it was delivered.  Thank you for helping me to put together such an appropriate and fitting tribute to my dad.  I liked the extra passages you added and the different committal – my trust in you, Heather, was well-placed.  Your friendly, thoughtful and caring, but efficient approach was very much appreciated.

Jane W

Just wanted to say thank you for today. The service was lovely, very apt for Margo!! We as a family could not have asked for more.


You did an amazing service and everyone came up to me afterwards and said what a lovely lady you are.  Such super professionalism from you.  You really are a lovely person.

Beryl K

I would like to give you a big thank you for the respect and the wonderful service you gave Heather in our darkest day. I will never forget the wonderful words you spoke. Heather can’t thank you so I will with all my heart.  I will never forget what you did.

David A

Just to say a big thank you for yesterday.  Dad could not have had a better send off.  Everyone said the service was perfect and a lot of people said they would like you to do theirs!

Karen B

Everyone said how very natural and accurate the service was’ ‘You’re a lovely person, warm and welcoming and I think that you have chosen the right career path.

Carole B

Everyone present commented on the quality of the service and the excellent eulogy.  So once again, many, many thanks and I would not hesitate to recommend you.

Anthony W